242166_10150274599855535_1739848_oHello, my name is Kerstin Kühn and this is my  blog La Goulue.

I am a freelance journalist specialising in restaurants and chefs. I spent seven years at hospitality bible The Caterer, covering restaurants and chefs day-to-day as restaurants editor.

After 10 years in London, I relocated to Los Angeles, California, in summer 2013 and since moving here and going freelance I’ve been writing for magazines including the Evening Standard’s Food & Travel Magazine, FOUR Magazine, Spinneys FOOD magazine, City Magazine, Canary Wharf Magazine, Design Week and Frame Magazine. I also write a monthly opinion piece for trade publication M&C Allegra Foodservice as well as a monthly column on my culinary endeavours here in the US for chef website The Staff Canteen.

During my time at The Caterer I was lucky enough to meet and interview some of the top chefs not just from the UK but also from around the globe – Rene Redzepi, Massimo Bottura, Daniel Boulud, the Roca Brothers, Yannick Alléno, Jamie Oliver, the entire Roux family, Raymond Blanc and Heston Blumenthal to name a few. You can read a few of my old interviews here. Since going solo, I’ve continued profiling the world’s top chefs, including Thomas Keller, David Kinch, Jose Andres, Daniel Patterson, Dominique Crenn, Luke Dale Roberts and Margot Janse to name but a few.

And as of November 2015, I am the new editor of Urbanologie Los Angeles, where I’m covering restaurants, bars and everything to do with living the high life in the city of angels.

h2_32.88.12LA GOULUE:
But enough about me. What about La Goulue?
First things first: the name. La Goulue is French for glutton, of which I am a big one. There was also a famous Cancan dancer called La Goulue, who performed at some of the most renowned clubs in Paris in the late 19th century. As part of her routine, she frequently picked up customers’ drinks and quickly downed them while dancing past their table. And it was this gluttonous habit that gained her the nickname of La Goulue, the Glutton.

Inspired in its design, frivolity and gluttony by La Goulue, my blog is all about restaurants, chefs and food. I hope to share with you my take on the world of dining out, my experiences of restaurants and conversations with chefs and keep you posted on what’s happening in the California and US restaurant scene.

I hope you enjoy what I do. Thanks for popping in.


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  1. so glad that the move has gone well to LA (has it really? or is it just blogspeak?) and best of luck finding your feet and living in USA. Although I love Devon food, I am jealous of all those funky sounding eateries you are visiting. I am well, still not eating a huge amount but getting better on a weekly basis – I started eating puddings this week. Hooray for blackberries!

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